the Mad Maggies
Hard to Describe, Easy to Love

11 years and 7 albums later the Mad Maggies are:

Johny Blood: tuba, bullhorn  …“Go, Johny!”
Ray Fernandez: saxophones  …“Take us away, Ray!”
Ian Luke: drums, percussion  …“That brown eyed boy!”
Maggie “Mags” Martin: accordionist, vocals, composer, fearless leader  …“Is everybody ready?”
Tim “SepTIMus” Sarter: U-bass, bass guitar  …“Where’s Tim?”
Gary “GDub” Wium: guitars   …“Hell, yeah!”
Ned Stone: trombone
Nick Nemoyten: trumpet

“There was not a moment when the dance floor was not packed, even long after the beer was gone. Yes, you guys rock” — Rod De Witt, Andersen Valley Brewing Company

“The Mad Maggies...hit it home...leaving the audience begging for an encore.”Golden Gate [X]Press

“The Best Band Ever” ­— Howard Dillon, Bolinas Hearsay News

“One listen to La Pachulera, from the band's self-produced CD “Crazed and Enthused,” is all you need to know just how eclectic this band can be. The song kicks off with a syncopated Tex-Mex rhythm exploding into a rollicking Eastern European dance groove before settling back into that laid-back South-of-the-border feel – like klezmer musicians stranded at a well-lubricated Tijuana wedding party.”
— Greg Cahill, for The Argus Courier
“We LOVE the Mad Maggies! ... You have got to experience this band…” — Cadenza Music, St. Paul, MN

“I absolutely LOVE your music! Maggie’s voice is so of  another era... Don't you just want to rub it all over your face?” — L. Baker-Ronco

Enjoy the Mad Maggies “Street Dog” video here.

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The Cotati Accordion Festival is grateful for Maggie Martin who volunteered to work as our SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR. She is responsible for the online posts we hope you’ve enjoyed.

Maggie is also the illustrious Director and Producer of the ANNUAL GRAND FINALE on the center stage Sunday. Thank you again. YOU ROCK!!!!