Our charter:

The CAF is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing funds for Performing Arts Programs in our local schools. With all the budget cuts constantly eliminating school programs, our organization recognizes the need for outside sources to keep these programs alive. We believe that discontinuing the Performing Arts (music, drama & art) is detrimental to the education of future generations.

The event started in 1991, through selfless dedication of many volunteers who donated time and money. There has been a tremendous support of individuals and businesses working together to create this three-day (kick off programs on Friday before) multi-cultural, multi-generational, musical extravaganza for both residents and tourists.

These last 28 events have been wonderful community building affairs. We’re now in our 29th year, generating positive public relations and giving credibility for our community, Cotati, and the accordion.

By producing these problem-free events that have benefited our local schools, we have donated close over $470,000 to our community.

We also believe the Cotati Accordion Festival has had a very positive effect on the resurgence of the accordion and community spirit and more opportunity and fun for accordion players.